Andrea Lively

Administrative Director, Board Member & Founding Parent

Blake Pierson

Founding Parent & Board Member

Peggy Roche

Program Director, Founding Lead Teacher & Board Member

Hannah Kraskow

Founding Lead Teacher

Ashley Newton

Assistant Teacher

Chanti Haase

Assistant Teacher

Rachael Wettenstein

Lead Teacher,  After-Care

Cara Gauthier

Parent Council Representative & Board Member

Jessie Richards

Parent Council Representative


We are on a mission to bring holistic education that nurtures the whole child and are excited to bring Waldorf-inspired education to our community here in and around Northfield, VT.

We realize there is a need for alternative education and have created this initiative to make it accessible to all families who share the same values.

We are a 501(c)(3) recognized charity (EIN: 92-2294929).



A belief that the classroom is a microcosm for the vast world beyond and a beautiful  training ground for children to feel their unique and vital role in an interconnected web of community, wherein they are kind, loving, and collaborative with one another

A reverence for children and a commitment to creating an atmosphere of loving warmth and guidance that promotes joy, wonder, and healthy whole-child development

A deep belief in the value of free creative play, imitation, exploration of the social and natural world, practical and meaningful work, artistic activities, and nourishing sensory experiences for healthy whole-child development

A deep belief in the power of our teachers’ attitude of gratitude, reverence and wonder to inspire in our children general character traits and skills such as empathy, curiosity, kindness, creativity, focus, work ethic and inner strength

Intentionality and care in everything we do, as both an organization and as caregivers, with humility, openness and love to ensure our continued learning, growth, kindness and contribution as people and as an organization

A commitment to the financial durability and professionalism of our non-profit organization, to provide our teachers and staff, parents, community and children the confidence in our long-term ability to fulfill our mission

A commitment to the support and nurturing of our teachers and staff, without whom the ability to fulfill our vision would not be possible

A commitment to building a conscious, collaborative community, and to creating a program that is accessible to all families with a shared commitment to these values